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Documentaries On:

What Price Clean Air?

Public health v. industry and the White House

A hard-hitting investigation of efforts to weaken the Clean Air Act by the coal, steel and auto industries in cooperation with the Reagan Administration's Environmental Protection Agency.

It exposed the hypocrisy of the EPA claim to be concerned with holding high standards to protect the public health, similar to the EPA under a more recent different White House occupant.

Soon after the national public TV airing of this documentary, the Edison Electric Institute—the industry trade association, re-edited "What Price Clean Air?" to put their own spin on it.

Our documentary went on to be nominated for a National Emmy for best investigative documentaries.

The Edison spin was for ego gratification in a few board rooms and to justify paying a PR staff.

"What Price Clean Air?" includes industry and government advocates, victims of air pollution, efforts to control acid rain and other kinds of air pollution.

Study Areas: Environmental studies, public health, economics, social and poliical history