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Who Shot President Kennedy?

Modern forensic science re-examines the evidence.
Walter Cronkite narrates. Definitive investigation.
Written, directed and produced by Robert Richter.

  • What did forensics learn decades later that wasn't clear in 1963?
  • Did the original crime investigators make mistakes that contributed to the belief that the assassination was a conspiracy?

As critics universally noted at the time, this documentary is the most definitive and responsible investigation of the tragedy. Nothing has been released since its original telecast that changes that conclusion.


"An admirable and thorough job...serves a public function of the first order...cogent and coherent."
—Journal of American History
"Sterling piece of journalism...sweeps away enigma without making unsupported charges."
—Los Angeles Times
"Meticulous...may be the most convincing compilation of evidence...valuable, generally praiseworthy contribution to the historical record."
—Dallas Morning News
"The clearest look yet...unprecedented...dazzling and illuminating computer-animated scenes ... convincingly and clearly goes over ground other media has been made all but incomprehensible ... objective approach lends great credibility."
—New York Post
"I urge you to look...definitive...scrupulously constructed...excellent."
—New York Daily News

Unprecedented footage of the Dallas physicians who tried to save the President's life, as they examine new evidence especially for this documentary; computerized 3-D Dealey Plaza replica; frame by frame Zapruder footage comparisons; photo analysis by experts; leading critics of the Warren Commission's lone gunman conclusion.

The "magic bullet"
The "magic bullet"
"Among the most lucid, informative contributions...innovative..."
—Columbus Dispatch
"Absorbing...scrupulously fair"
—The Times, London
—London Daily Mail
—TV Guide
"Actually attempts to devote equal time to advocates of the two opposing sides...straightforward graphics..."
—The Journal of American History
  • Telecast by PBS six times. Also by BBC, NHK Japan, RAI Italy, Irish TV, Spanish TV, etc.
  • National Emmy finalist, investigative documentaries
  • Houston International Film Festival
  • International Documentary Association
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • National Educational Film & Video Festival

57 minutes

Study Areas: Social and political history, American history, forensic science, broadcast journalism, President Kennedy, Walter Cronkite