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The Child is the Canary

The biggest environmental health problem for children in the US is lead paint poisoning. Despite its decline, there are still at least 1,000,000 victims here and millions more around the globe. An environmental justice issue, activists and law suits are going after the lead paint industry, which sold the product despite their knowledge for decades of its poisonous content. So far we have filmed a leading expert, activist, parents and poisoned children. Funding is needed to further develop, research and shoot this important investigative documentary.

POWER: L.L. Nunn and His Legacy

The colorful life of the "father" of AC (alternating current) transmission that changed industrial development forever and who later founded Deep Springs, America's smallest accredited college. The first round of filming (at the college and two important sites – Telluride CO and Olmstead UT) has been done. Funding is needed for additional filming and editing of what will be an inspirational, educational and entertaining documentary about a little known but incredibly important and influential entrepreneur and educational visionary.