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Director, Writer, Producer unless otherwise noted.
To learn more about any these productions or to book Robert Richter for an appearance with one or more of his productions, e-mail:

  • THE AGE OF INTELLIGENT MACHINES   Science museum film on artificial intelligence, with Stevie Wonder, for Kurzweil Foundation
  • AMERICAN JUSTICE ON TRIAL: PEOPLE V. NEWTON Current production, work in progress
  • AMERICAN WHEAT: DESTINATION VIETNAM   Gift of food to orphans of war, for Church World Service
  • A PLAGUE ON OUR CHILDREN   Dioxin, PCBs and the regulation of toxic waste, PBS/Nova's first two-hour special, narrated by Jason Robards Jr
  • ASBESTOS ALERT Studs Terkel narrates OSHA documentary on strategies for safety and health
  • BACKLASH IN THE WILD   Loggers, ranchers, miners and developers in TBS Audubon special, with correspondent Arthur Kent
  • BANKING ON LIFE AND DEBT  Martin Sheen narrates short version of "The Money Lenders" (see below)
  • BEN SPOCK, BABY DOCTOR   PBS "Nova" biography of famed pediatrician, author and peace activist, narrated by Jane Alexander
  • BUSINESS OF HUNGER, THE Short version of "Hungry for Profit" (see below), narrated by Ruby Dee
  • CAN TROPICAL RAINFORESTS BE SAVED? The first global look at this global issue, a PBS prime-time special
  • CBS News Inquiry: THE WARREN REPORT The case for the government version of the JFK assassination, with Walter Cronkite. Four one-hours. One of a team of producers.
  • CBS News Special: VIETNAM & THE PRIMARIES First TV network look at hawks v. doves splitting America. With correspondent Roger Mudd. Co-producer/writer with Av Westin.
  • CBS News: 1968 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES News features with Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace and others
  • CBS Reports: ABORTION AND THE LAW Assoc. Producer for Producer David Lowe ("Harvest of Shame")
  • CBS Reports: BULLDOZED AMERICA   First network documentary look into major environmental issues, with correspondent Charles Kuralt
  • CBS Reports: NEW YORK BATTLEGROUND   Robert Kennedy's race for US Senate, with correspondent Eric Sevareid. Associate Producer.
  • CHANGING COURSE: WOMEN & EDUCATION   Six half-hours on equal opportunities for women, for US Dept. of Education. Executive Producer.
  • CITY OUT OF WILDERNESS  Washington, DC, history, for U.S. Capitol Historical Society--an Academy Award nominee. Treatment Writer, Field Producer
  • COME OUT SHINING! Youth-adult partnership in a troubled mid-western city, an innovative social experiment
  • CONVICTIONS: PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE Non-violent human rights activists face federal prison
  • CROSSING THE LINE   Susan Sarandon narrates, Martin Sheen speaks out in human rights documentary of SOA Watch demonstration
  • EATING THE SCORPION  American teachers visit China for the first time, an experience that transforms them and their students
  • ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: A BEGINNING Innovative techniques, for US Department of Education
  • FAMILY AND SURVIVAL   Phil Donahue's NBC prime-time special on US family disintegration
  • FATHER ROY: INSIDE THE SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS  Struggle to find and reveal truth about secret CIA torture training at SOA, narrated by Susan Sarandon.
  • FIVE DAYS TO CHANGE THE WORLD  Student activists create agenda for their own future, at the world's largest peace conference;  Martin Sheen narrates
  • FOOD FOR A SMALL PLANET   Affluence and waste, an independent short documentary
  • FOR EXPORT ONLY: PESTICIDES    Prohibited and restricted agricultural products sold without proper information
  • FOR EXPORT ONLY: PHARMACEUTICALS   Prohibited and restricted medical products sold without proper information
  • THE GIFTS   Water pollution in the US, Academy Award nominee. "The most beautiful film on ugliness ever made." Executive Producer, co-writer.
  • GODS OF METAL   Anti-nuclear activists in the US at the height of the Cold War, an Academy Award nominee
  • GROWING UP   Teens and their problems, an Iowa public TV series. Writer.
  • GUNS AND GREED   Links SOA to World Bank/IMF policies in Central American sweat shops. Oscar "short list."
  • HEADLINE REACTION   Weekly Oregon public TV panel discussion series on major issues. Producrer, on air host. 
  • HHH: WHAT MANNER OF MAN  Hubert Humphrey biography, for his 1968 campaign for President. Producer, director.
  • HOSTAGE!   "Closeup" with ABC correspondent Peter Jennings on hostage taking and terrorism. One of three producers.
  • HUNGRY FOR PROFIT   PBS independent look at global agribusiness and its human and environmental impact
  • MATH FOR FIVE-YEAR-OLDS   Innovative techniques for children, for Francis Thompson Inc.
  • THE MONEY LENDERS  Critical look at World Bank and IMF. Too hot for PBS, prime-time everywhere else.
  • MEHARRY Nashville: independent, historically-black: perhaps the major educator of black physicians in the U.S.
  • NEW PATRIOTS, THE   A Congressional Medal of Honor winner and other U.S. military veterans speak out on terrorism, patriotism and their transformation into peace activists.
  • NEW YORK BATTLEGROUND: THE RACE FOR THE SENATE Robert Kennedy's historic 1964 campaign for U.S. Senate, narrated by Eric Sevareid. Richter was Associate Producer and co-writer with Sevareid.
  • NOBEL'S LOST PRIZE Screenwriter of feature fiction film, now in development.
  • ON THE RUN   Teenage runaways and programs to help them, for US Department of Health, Education and Welfare
  • OREGON REPORTS   Weekly public television series on local issues
  • OUTER SPACE: CAN WE AFFORD TO GO?   With Walter Cronkite, a Discovery channel prime-time "Cronkite Reports" special. Director, producer, co-writer.
  • PROJECT SECOND CHANCE   PBS prime-time look at help for high school dropouts, produced for Arkansas public tv
  • THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH Best-selling author/murder prosecutor Vince Bugliosi's powerful case. Consulting producer. Release September 2012.
  • RIGHT TO READ, THE   Illiteracy in the US and programs to help, a Francis Thompson Inc film for US Department of Education
  • ROOSEVELT ISLAND Short film for USIA magazine series, made soon after it opened
  • SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS   Human rights abuses by SOA graduates, Academy Award nominee
  • SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS Fictional screenplay version of "Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins," now in development.
  • SIERRA CLUB Short film for USIA magazine series.
  • THE ULTIMATE WISH: ENDING THE NUCLEAR AGE Abolition of nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Fukushima and Nagasaki survivors.
  • TIME TO ABOLISH WAR Highlights of world's largest peace conference, for Hague Appeal for Peace
  • UNDER THE GUN: DEMOCRACY IN GUATEMALA   Civilian rule after decades of dictators, PBS independent. Director, co-producer.
  • VIETNAM: AN AMERICAN JOURNEY  First look by US filmmaker at postwar Vietnam
  • VISION   Television magazine segments for United States Information Agency (USIA)

To learn more about any Richter production, e-mail: