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For Export Only: Pharmaceuticals

Produced, directed and written by Robert Richter
Part Two of two one-hours.
Part One: For Export Only: Pesticides

Washington Post: "If you ever wanted to know how people behave in an open unregulated market, these films provide the answer."

Documents the export to developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America of pharmaceutical products that are totally prohibited or severely restricted in their countries of origin.

Specific products and manufacturers are named.

Only one manufacturer agreed to be interviewed for this hard-hitting investigative report. They then tried to bribe the producer so that he would cancel its telecast.

“More of a piece of investigative journalism than any other program honored. And what made it special was that it was produced not by a major station or network, but by Robert Richter, an independent producer. He beat the networks, with all their money, at their own game." —New York Times report on DuPont Columbia Award for this documentary (TV’s Pulitzer Prize)

57 minutes