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A Plague on Our Children

"Will I grow up to be a normal man?"
"Will I grow up to be a normal man?"
Dioxins, PCBs and profit v. public health
Written, directed and produced by Robert Richter

When first telecast in the PBS "Nova" series, the Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial about the documentary, questioning the filmmaker's patriotism.

Soon after, "A Plague on Our Children" won the prestigious DuPont Columbia Broadcast Journalism award (the Pulitzer Prize of TV journalism).

A hard-hitting investigation of dioxins and PCBs, with a clear scientific explanation of why they are the most poisonous man-made substances in existence, and the disturbing human consequences of exposure to them.

"Mr. Richter's documentary is angry and quite persuasive."
—New York Times
"Hard-hitting investigative documentary look at the price we pay for widespread use of herbicides and other toxic chemicals."

Corporate defenders, scientists and victims appear, including U.S. veterans exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war, factory workers exposed to PCBs, housewives exposed to toxic spray in logging areas, people exposed to the poisons at Love Canal and other waste disposal sites.

Part One focuses on dioxin. 57 minutes

Part Two focuses on PCBs. 57 minutes

Study Areas: Environmental studies, social and political history, public health, dioxin, PCBs, toxic waste, waste management, Love Canal, Agent Orange